BMW X5 (2014 3rd Generation)


5 Pros

  1. Now available at a cheaper price (in line with the Mercedes ML)
  2. Outstanding fuel efficiency and performance from the diesel engines (although they are not the nicest sounding units)
  3. Nice cabin with adequate standard equipment such as rear view camera and 8 speed auto gearbox
  4. Heaps of interior space, a big boot and 7 seats as an (expensive….) option
  5. BMW is still one of the most prestigious brands on the road

5 Cons

  1. The X5 used to be the performance choice, but with vague steering and poor ride it no longer ticks this box
  2. Land Rover Discovery 4 is cheaper, more practical and also European
  3. Petrol engines are not that efficient
  4. No proper spare tyre
  5. The more expensive versions are competing with the Porsche Cayenne…

Concluding personality type – Prince William: It’s losing its hair…


What's your view?

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