Ford Fiesta ST (WZ 2014)

Ford Fiesta ST

5 Pros

  1. Very fun to drive
  2. It looks good (and much better than this Aston…)
  3. Built in Germany
  4. Very impressive fuel efficiency figures
  5. Capped priced servicing

5 Cons

  1. The slightly more expensive VW Polo GTi has a more street cred due to its European badge and the Toyota 86 is more fun to drive
  2. Poor rear seat space and a small boot do not make it a practical hatch
  3. The ride can be rough over bumps
  4. No Sat Nav available
  5. Sony stereo is neat but it makes the dash confusing

Concluding personality type: Tequila: Expect to get buzzed (but probably not for use everyday…)

Ford Fiesta ST

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