Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk7 2014)


5 Pros

  1. The chance to own a motoring legend
  2. Fast acceleration and brilliant cornering tick the performance box
  3. Comfortable ride, big boot and spacious rear seats tick the rationality box
  4. Incredibly fuel efficient (if you drive it like you own it)
  5. High quality interior, nice exhaust sound, strong resale values, generous standard equipment, classic design etc. etc.

5 Cons

  1. Almost middle aged?
  2. Volkswagen continues to have quality and reliability question marks
  3. The Megane RS265 and Focus ST are probably a bit edgier (although the resale values will likely be worse)
  4. 5 door only
  5. The performance pack (coming out soon) will probably be worth the wait

Concluding personality type – iPhone: Everywhere for a reason


What's your view?

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