Kia Cerato Hatch (2014)

MY14 Kia Cerato 5 door

5 Pros

  1. The main advantage the Cerato has over most of its small car competitors is the five year warranty (matching the excellent Hyundai i30)
  2. It looks ok
  3. Decent enough to drive and the engines will do the job (that is a to b…)
  4. Plenty of interior space
  5. Capped priced servicing should eliminate surprises

5 Cons

  1. Far from class leading fuel efficiency (see the Hyundai i30 diesel)
  2. The new Mazda3 is going to come out soon and it will likely be much better
  3. The Toyota Corolla‘s has a bullet proof reputation, the Ford Focus‘ is known for its fun factor and the Volkswagen Golf has european appeal. These are all reasons not to go the Kia
  4. The boot is a little small (the sedan version is better)
  5. Poverty spec interior

Concluding personality type: Budweiser: Not my first choice but it will do the job

Kia Cerato

What's your view?

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