Fiat Punto (2013)

Fiat Punto

5 Pros 

  1. European brand name at a cheap price (although so is the Fiat 500)
  2. Pretty fuel efficient
  3. Decent enough interior space and ok around corners
  4. Should get a 5 out of 5 star safety rating
  5. The Sat Nav option is not that expensive
5 Cons
  1. Not enough boot space. The Honda Jazz is much more versatile
  2. The Toyota Yaris and Mazda2 will probably hold their resale values better
  3. The Kia Rio has a 5 year warranty (and reliability is always a concern with the Italians)
  4. Non-traditional automatic gearbox will likely annoy many owners and the car in general can be painfully slow
  5. The underlying model is beginning to get quite old and the new Renault Clio will probably be better
Concluding personality type: European hostel: Not great, but at least you are overseas…
Fiat Punto

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