Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type

5 Pros

  1. Ummm the looks…
  2. It sounds incredible (at least with the active exhaust)
  3. The interior is Jaguar beautiful
  4. As good enough around the corners as you would hope
  5. All the engines are more than fast enough (the mid spec V6 is generally considered the best) and the door handles are super cool

5 Cons

  1. The Porsche Boxster. It is better around the corners and cheaper.
  2. The Porsche 911. Pretty much the benchmark sports car and it is not that much more expensive than the V8
  3. The boot is unusable, even for a sports car (again the Boxster is better)
  4. You do not get the best parts on the basic model (such as the active exhaust) and the options are very expensive
  5. Does not come in manual, so expect some annoying people without nice cars to tell you that it is not a real sports car…

Concluding personality type: Buzz Aldrin: 2nd place is still very admirable

Jaguar F-Type

One comment

  1. Too expensive and 13 years too late. I think jaguar are already reconsidering the pricing. Had the car come out when the previous Boxster came out people would have bought it for the looks but the Boxster has recovered brilliantly in this area. Great second-hand buy for the future.

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