Nissan Pulsar SSS

Pulsar SSS

5 Pros

  1. Decent interior space makes the SSS pretty practical
  2. Some nice standard equipment such as Sat Nav and rear view camera
  3. Nice turbo engine that is willing enough (without being too hot)
  4. Much cheaper than the (much better, similar sized) Volkswagen Golf GTi
  5. Should get 5 out of 5 stars for safety

5 Cons

  1. Poor fuel efficiency
  2. Not sharp enough around corners to be considered a hot hatch (see VW Polo GTi and Toyota 86)
  3. Interior does not feel special and the engine note does not really inspire that all important smile
  4. The Hyundai Veloster has a 5 year warranty and looks much better
  5. No real badge value (GT-R and Juke aside…)

Concluding personality type – Dead rubber: It just feels a bit hollow

Pulsar SSS

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