Holden Malibu

Holden Malibu

5 Pros

  1. 5 star safety
  2. A big boot
  3. Rear view camera as standard
  4. Unoffensive looks
  5. You can get a diesel version for those of you trying to be a bit more European

5 Cons

  1. Not fuel efficient enough – the Mazda6 is better
  2. Not fast or fun enough – the Mazda6 is again better…
  3. Competitor the Hyundai i40 has a 5 year warranty, not 3 like the Malibu
  4. Competitor the Toyota Camry has legendary reliability and resale values. Holden keeps changing its lineup, so your guess is as good as mine when it comes to resale
  5. Not the best ride in the world, the rear seat space is a bit limited and annoyingly you cannot get Sat Nav

Concluding personality type – Soggy bread: Well you are not going to starve….

Holden Malibu

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