Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2014 W212 update)

Mercedes E-Class

5 Pros

  1. Outstanding prestige. Mercedes is really the Rolex of cars (although unfortunately the E-Class is used as a taxi in Germany…)
  2. Terrific fuel efficiency. At its best the amazing Bluetec Hybrid can almost go from Sydney to Melbourne and back on one tank
  3. Some great standard equipment such as a reversing camera, sat nav and blind spot warning system
  4. The wagon has 7-seat capacity as standard
  5. Unlikely you will ever want more power

5 Cons

  1. The BMW 5 Series is probably a better drive and the Jaguar XF is probably better looking
  2. The Audi A6 is probably just as good and a little younger
  3. The Lexus GS has a bigger screen…
  4. No spare tyre and the interior is aging a little bit
  5. Some safety equipment is not standard such as the auto braking

Concluding personality type: German Commodore: Don’t worry, it’s way cooler over here

Mercedes Benz E-Class

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