Holden Caprice (WN 2014)

Holden Caprice

5 Pros

  1. Hard to get anything as big for as cheap. The Caprice undercuts the big Europeans by over $100k
  2. The boot and back seat are enormous (although disappointingly the rear seats do not fold down)
  3. Much much cheaper than it used to be and the updated interior is nce
  4. Some fancy standard equipment like auto parking, sat nav and a heads up display
  5. V8 petrol engine is strong

5 Cons

  1. Fuel efficiency is horrendous (although at least the LPG version has access to fuel at half the cost)
  2. No recent update to the exterior so it looks a little dated
  3. Most people will think you run a hire car business
  4. It is a very big car, so expect it to be hard to manoeuvre
  5. Uncertain resale values should Holden stop making them

Concluding personality type: Limo driver: Hard not to feel like one

Holden Caprice

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