Holden Commodore (VF Sedan)

VF Commodore

5 Pros

  1. The Australian built Commodore may now the last big Aussie car standing after the retirement of the Falcon in 2016
  2. 5 out of 5 star safety, a comfortable ride and pretty good steering
  3. The usual enormous boot and interior cabin space (although make sure you are ok with the rear seat leg room)
  4. Some very impressive standard equipment such as a reversing camera and auto park system
  5. Stonking performance from the now cheaper V8’s

5 Cons

  1. Just not fuel efficient enough. Compact SUV’s continue to reign supreme for this main reason
  2. No standard sat nav and servicing needs to be done every 9 months
  3. Exterior and interior are actually quite good, but each new model eventually succumbs to that “taxi-spec” feeling
  4. Resale values remain a question mark should Holden choose not to go forward with the Commodore
  5. V6’s can feel a little slow and annoyingly the rear seats do not fold down

Concluding personality type: Crocodile Dundee: Still loveable, but now well and truly from another era

VF commodore

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