Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake (2013)

Mercedes CLS

5 Pros

  1. The CLS Shooting Brakes looks. It is not often that something so practical is so desirable
  2. Massive boot which opens electronically
  3. Very high quality interior with room for 5 (the normal CLS only has 4 seats)
  4. Handling is terrific and much better than you might expect
  5. Some very generous standard equipment including sat nav, reversing camera, 80L tank and a blind spot warning system

5 Cons

  1. Very expensive – you pay for the prestige
  2. Rear visibility is poor
  3. Total rear load space with the rear seats down is not class leading
  4. V6 petrol engine is quite inefficient
  5. You cannot say “no actually it is a shooting brake” without sounding like a wanker

Concluding personality type: Rolex: Expensive, not the best, but still very good


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