Ssangyong Korando S (Petrol)

Ssangyong Korando

5 Pros

  1. One of the cheapest SUV’s you can buy
  2. The Korando has a 5 year warranty
  3. Decent interior space
  4. It can actually tow (unlike some versions of the Toyota RAV4)
  5. Looks are unlikely to scare small children

5 Cons

  1. Depreciation is probably going to hurt (the Nissan Dualis will likely do better)
  2. No standard reversing camera is disappointing
  3. Fuel efficiency is not its game (especially compared to the Mazda CX5 or Volkswagen Tiguan) and apparently it needs premium unleaded
  4. Not exciting to drive at all (and it only comes in 4 colours!)
  5. Ugly interior and no crash tests yet available. I would be worried that this car is not going to get the obligatory 5 out of 5 stars

Concluding personality type: Caveat Emptor

Ssangyong Korando

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