Renault Megane Estate GT 220

Renault GT 220

5 Pros

  1. The Megane Estate is loosely related to the excellent RS265, so it is good to drive
  2. Decent boot and a European badge
  3. Nice exhaust note may make you forget that you had to buy a wagon
  4. It looks pretty good
  5. You just might beat a Toyota 86 in a straight line

5 Cons

  1. Niche product. Most people will prefer an SUV and this will hurt resale value
  2. Poor rear seat space and it is can suffer from a bit of steering nervousness under hard acceleration
  3. Some annoying interior issues like a small glovebox
  4. Ok fuel efficiency, but there are others that are much better (such as the Mazda6)
  5. Manual only

Concluding personality type: Triple rainbow: Kind of cool, but I don’t really ever expect to see one

Renault Megane interior

What's your view?

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