Audi SQ5

Audi SQ5

5 Pros

  1. Very fast in a straight line. There is no other fast SUV this size at this price
  2. German built quality shows in the excellent interior
  3. Good handling (although with a little bit of understeer) and outstanding fuel efficiency
  4. Very impressive boot space and interior room (although the middle rear seat is not quite perfect)
  5. Impressive standard equipment such as a reversing camera, sports seat and electrically operated tail gate

5 Cons

  1. Despite the S body kit, it still looks a bit boring
  2. For the same price you could get the much bigger Landrover Discovery, Volkswagen Touraeg, Mercedes ML or top of the line Evoque
  3. For cheaper, you could get the almost as quick BMW X3 30d (which is probably better around corners)
  4. Suspension can get a little restless
  5. No spare tyre

Concluding personality type: Robbers: Big fans of the getaway

Audi SQ5

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