Kia Cerato Sedan (2013)

Kia Cerato

5 Pros

  1. The Cerato has Kia’s class leading 5 year warranty
  2. Very comfortable ride
  3. Decent to look at (although not as nice to talk about…)
  4. Largish boot
  5. It should get a 5 star safety rating (most Kia’s do nowadays)

5 Cons

  1. Probably not fuel efficient enough (the Hyundai i30 diesel and new Volkswagen Golf are much better)
  2. Probably not fast enough
  3. Probably not cheap enough (although Kia’s now deserve to be at the same price as their Japanese rivals)
  4. Probably not enough rear seat space
  5. Probably not good enough around corners (the Ford Focus or Mazda 3 are better)

Concluding personality type: Good, but the competition is probably better

Kia Cerato

One comment

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