Audi A3 Sportback (8V 2013)

Audi A3 sportback

5 Pros

  1. Outstanding interior and based on the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Mk7 (which is no bad thing)
  2. Decent sized boot and enough room inside for four adults
  3. Decent around corners (although the ride can get a little rough)
  4. Terrific fuel efficiency from most engines
  5. The prestige of an Audi badge

5 Cons

  1. Much more expensive then the VW Golf (you could get the excellent sporty Volkswagen Golf GTi  for pretty much the same price)
  2. The Mercedes A-Class is better looking
  3. The BMW 1 Series is better to drive
  4. Pricey options such as nearly $3k for Sat Nav (although it will turn your car into a mobile wifi hotspot)
  5. The 1.4L engine can feel a bit underpowered

Concluding personality type: French wine: Used to have the segment to itself, but now there is competition galore

Audi A3 sportback

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