Volkswagen Golf Wagon (2013 Mk6)

Volkswagen Golf Wagon

5 Pros

  1. Like most Volkswagen Golf’s, the Mexican built Wagon is notably fuel efficient
  2. Decent internal and storage space (as you would expect in a wagon)
  3. Cheap entry price point when compared with larger rivals (such as the Mazda 6 wagon)
  4. Quite good through the corners
  5. Volkswagen badge value

5 cons

  1. All the engines are pretty slow
  2. Based on the outdated Golf Mk5 chassis
  3. New model to be introduced soon
  4. The rear looks a little frumpy and Volkswagen continues to have ongoing reliability concerns and high servicing costs
  5. The Hyundai i30 wagon is better looking and cheaper

Concluding personality type: VCR: Outdated

Volkswagen Golf interior dash

What's your view?

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