Proton Preve (2013)

Proton Preve

5 Pros

  1. 5 star safety
  2. 5 year warranty (class leading)
  3. 5 years free service and roadside assistance
  4. Actually looks ok, decent interior space and a big boot
  5. One of the cheapest in its class (and very cheap compared to rivals such as the Mazda 6, Suzuki Kizashi or Volkswagen Jetta)

5 Cons

  1. Despite being a long term Malaysian brand, most people will think that you have bought one of those new Chinese cars
  2. Waiting room slow
  3. Poor fuel efficiency unlike most slightly smaller competitors (such as the Mazda 3 Skyactiv, Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai i30 diesel)
  4. Proton has a patchy reputation in Australia and you can get the practical Skoda Roomster for not much more
  5. Historically poor resale value on some Proton models

Concluding personality type: Garage sale: Trash or treasure? It’s really a matter of perspective

Proton Preve

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