Audi S4 (2013 B8)

Audi S4

5 Pros

  1. The German built S4 is the largest sedan in this class with excellent interior and boot space. The wagon version will obviously let you carry even more (and it probably looks better as well)
  2. Supercharged 6 cylinder engine is a nice unit with a great engine note and more than adequate speed
  3. All wheel drive makes this car good around corners (although the differential that makes it even better is an expensive option)
  4. $30k cheaper the manic Mercedes C63
  5. Terrific interior, as we have come to expect from Audi

5 Cons

  1. Poor fuel efficiency
  2. Not as much “fun” to drive as rear wheel drive competitors
  3. $30k more expensive than the excellent (South African built) BMW 335i
  4. Electronic steering can make it feel a bit artificial
  5. Horrible depreciation and a bit plain looking (although far from ugly)

Concluding personality type: Metallica: Hard, but others are more manic

Audi S4 dash

What's your view?

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