Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2013 facelift)

Mercedes Benz E Class

5 Pros

  1. As usual with these big German cars, the new E Class has excellent fuel efficiency and more than adequate performance
  2. The new Diesel Hybrid will be one of the most efficient cars on the market when it is released (astounding for a car of this size)
  3. More than enough space for 4 adults and a big boot (although folding rear seats are an option overseas)
  4. Reports from overseas are that it is pretty good around corners and bumps (no local models have been driven yet, this model will be released in August)
  5. Some very impressive safety features that will brake the car automatically and also park it for you (both parallel and at 90 degrees)

5 Cons

  1. The image is still a bit old. Get a BMW 5 series (which is a bit sharper) or a Jaguar XF (which is better looking) if you want something younger
  2. The large transmission tunnel makes the middle rear seat a bit uncomfortable for adults
  3. As an emerging trend for Mercedes, the gearbox is not considered best in class
  4. Some of the engines have been described as “unrefined” for this class (such as the 4 cylinder diesel)
  5. The 8 cylinder engine no longer exists (although the twin turbo 6 cylinder that replaces it is excellent and more efficient)

Concluding personality type: Grey hair: Sometimes young people do get them…

Mercedes E class dash

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