Honda Jazz Hybrid (2013 second generation)

Honda Jazz Hybrid

5 Pros

  1. The Honda Jazz Hybrid is the cheapest hybrid you can buy in Australia
  2. Impressive fuel efficiency as you would expect in a hybrid
  3. It is a Honda, so it should be reliable (although the standard Jazz is no longer built in Japan)
  4. Good rear seat versatility (it can take 18 different positions…)
  5. It looks pretty good

5 Cons

  1. Much smaller boot than the much cheaper non-hybrid Jazz (the key advantage of the normal Jazz is the impressive practicality)
  2. Not as fuel efficient as the similar Toyota Prius C hybrid
  3. Despite having an extra motor, you would not call this car fun to drive
  4. Expensive. This model is over $5k more than the cheapest Honda Jazz (which is still pretty fuel efficient and more practical due to the bigger boot)
  5. The underlying model is getting old having been around since 2007

Concluding personality type: Charity dinner: For a good cause, but hardly good value

Honda Jazz dash


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