Mitsubishi Challenger (2013 second generation)

Mitsubishi Challenger

5 Pros

  1. Like the Holden Colorado 7, the Mitsubishi Challenger offers proper off-road performance (at least in 4×4 form)
  2. Class leading 5 year warranty
  3. 3 tonne towing capacity (which is very good if you are into that sought of thing)
  4. The potential to have seven seats if necessary
  5. Decent boot size (which is very big in 5 seat form)

5 Cons

  1. 4 out of 5 star safety – not good enough in the SUV class
  2. Last in class (almost) fuel efficiency
  3. Poor on road performance and the dual cab ute version looks more manly
  4. Reports of an uncomfortable interior and it looks pretty dated. Also, 7 seats are only available in the top of the line versions so it begins to look expensive compared to the Holden Colorado 7
  5. Engine is far from refined when compared to some other SUV options and the two wheel drive version takes away the only real appealing part of this car, the off road ability

Concluding personality type: Shotgun: I guess it is ok if you live on a farm

Mitsubishi Challenger

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