Honda Insight (2013 second generation)

Honda Insight

5 Pros

  1. Hybrid fuel efficiency (although a Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion is better)
  2. The Insight takes regular unleaded, unlike many other hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius
  3. 5 out of 5 star safety and it is built in Japan by Honda so it should be reliable
  4. Pretty decent boot
  5. Looks are at least not boring

5 Cons

  1. The Toyota Prius C is now a much cheaper hybrid
  2. Not really for corners (or fun…)
  3. Tight rear seat space
  4. Reports that it suffers from pretty bad road noise
  5. The hybrid Honda CR-Z is not much more expensive and more fun

Concluding personality type: Environmental activist: Far from perfect, but at least it is good for the environement

Honda Insight dash

What's your view?

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