Lotus Elise (2013 Series 2)

Lotus Elise

5 Pros

  1. Hardcore and raw – the Lotus Elise is one of the best handling cars on the market 
  2. The go fast models offer close to supercar performance in a straight line
  3. Despite the speed, the Elise is actually pretty fuel efficient (driven properly…)
  4. It looks like a proper sports car and is cheaper than many other offerings from Europe (such as the excellent Porsche Boxster)
  5. The ability to turn every drive into an adventure

5 Cons

  1. About as practical as owning a cheetah. This thing is a nightmare to drive in town and your pockets probably have more boot space
  2. Only a 2 year warranty and reliability is always a question mark with these low volume cars (although the engine is sourced from Toyota)
  3. The basic model is not blindingly fast in a straight line, but it is unlikely you will ever care
  4. The extremely fun Toyota 86 is half the price
  5. The similarly priced Caterham 7 may be a little faster

Concluding personality type: Lycra: Best saved for high performance situations

Lotus Elise dash

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