Lexus LS (2013)


5 Pros

  1. The LS ticks most of the big limo boxes with an incredibly comfortable ride and an extremely well built interior (as you would expect from a large Lexus)
  2. 4 year warranty is class leading
  3. Some interesting standard features (depending on which model you get) including a 19 speaker sound system, Blu Ray DVD player, automatic parking and a series of lights to greet you when you enter…
  4. Very strong acceleration from all the models (and faster than many sports cars)
  5. Incredible attention to detail across the cabin including a clock that will change time automatically depending on your GPS location…

5 Cons

  1. Even the hybrid is pretty fuel inefficient (the Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series are better)
  2. Far from sporty around corners
  3. The boot space and rear head room may be a bit tighter than you expect
  4. Some interior details can be a little fussy to use (such as the joystick used to control the sat nav screen)
  5. Historically very poor depreciation figures

Concluding personality type: Lobbyist: Rich, powerful and worth paying attention to


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