Citroen C3 (2013 second generation)

Citroen C3 dash

5 Pros

  1. The Citroen C3 gives you your entry ticket into European motoring (although of course so does the cheaper Volkswagen Golf…)
  2. Somewhat stylish looks with a very fancy windscreen that goes over the top of your head
  3. 5 out of 5 star safety
  4. Good fuel efficiency (the diesel is incredible)
  5.  Nice interior

5 Cons

  1. Poor around corners (especially compared to the much cheaper Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo and Mazda 2)
  2. The Citroen DS3 looks so much better
  3. Slow
  4. Tight rear seat room and although boot space is not too bad, it is smaller than the cheaper Honda Jazz
  5. Citroen in Australia is currently undergoing a change of distributors, so this has created a lot of uncertainty in terms of resale price and general service

Concluding personality type: Peacock: Looks good, but you probably would not keep it as a pet

Citroen C3 dash

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