Mitsubishi Mirage (2013 Sixth generation)

Mitsubishi MIrage dash

5 Pros

  1. One of the cheapest cars in Australia and it has a five year warranty (making it definitely worth a look)
  2. Incredibly fuel efficient engine matches the similarly priced Suzuki Alto
  3. Decent interior space with an ok boot for this class (but no where near as good as the Honda Jazz)
  4. Easy to drive in town with a tight turning circle
  5. 4 Year / 60,000km capped priced servicing and a 5 out of 5 star safety rating

5 Cons

  1. Design is very feminine… I’ll let you decide for yourself if this is an issue
  2. Doctor waiting room slow
  3. Some have commented on areas of questionable build quality (like many cars in this segment, it is built in Thailand). I would expect this car to age badly
  4. The standard audio system is pretty poor and the interior is not exactly inspiring
  5. No brand value (unlike the Volkswagen Up!)

Concluding personality type: Passion Pop: Good enough to do the job (and at a cheap price)

Mitsubishi Mirage dash

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