Great Wall X-Series (X200 and X240 2013)

Great Wall body

5 Pros

  1. The Great Wall X-Series from China is pretty much the cheapest 4WD you can buy on the market
  2. The newish diesel engine is also very cheap for a diesel and has ok fuel efficiency (in manual form)
  3. Some decent standard equipment such as a reversing camera and auto headlights
  4. It doesn’t look offensive
  5. Your chance to be an early starter on the inevitable China car band wagon

5 Cons

  1. 4 out of 5 star safety and a reputation for terrible resale values
  2. Only a 3 year warranty when slightly more expensive proven Korean options such as the Kia Sportage and Hyundai ix35 have 5.
  3. Almost the same price as the Nissan Dualis and not that much cheaper than excellent options from Europe such as the Skoda Yeti and Volkswagen Tiguan (or the sales leading Mazda CX-5)
  4. Petrol engine is underpowered and doesn’t come with stability control (which is very very rare in the new car market and illegal in some states)
  5. Reports of asbestos in some models, questionable dynamics and off road ability

Concluding personality type: 3rd class: Just how much are you willing to sacrifice for price?

Great Wall X dash


  1. converted

    I am sick of people bagging the great wall product. I have had an x200 diesel auto for about nine months now without any problems,. As people have often said, you get what you pay for .The suspension is a bit rough and the seats are slippery and not very supportive but I didn’t pay $45 to $50 k. I believe that a lot of knockers have a vested interest, similar to ford verses holden. My wife has the x200 auto to herself now I pick up my new v200 twin cab on Wednesday. As a side note, four people where my wife works have bought great wall since we got ours, yes they bought on price , but they all think they got value for money too.

  2. David

    I have owned a Great Wall x240 being the petrol model and I find that the performance is adequate for what it does and if you use the gears and drive smoothly it gets you from point a to b in a comfortable fashion. When you also add features such as a build in DVD player, good sound system, reversing camera, sensors and climate control air con these make it a comfortable place to be when traveling. Also the lights are excellent having the full suite of lights being fog, normal beam head lights and high beam spots. I also have a sun roof and I have had no problems with it. Bluetooth connection is excellent and it connects quickly unlike other cars that I have been in.

    When towing a boat, yes it slows down up hills but take your time and go steady it gets along ok.

    A major point over towing with say a dualis is that the rear suspension is able to take a reasonable downforce on the tow ball and this means that you tow in a level manner and hence good stability.

    In none of the reviews no one has commented that the car sounds tinny like vehicles of old. When you give it the old door slam test it closes with a reassuring thud.

    It has been reliable and I plan to drive it for over ten years and therefor resale value is a mute point.

    Overall, I enjoy “driving” the car.

  3. Paul Yes I am the same as’ converted ‘ but have had for 10 months with no problems, people at work are thinking of getting one soon too. My brother is watching to see how it goes to as he thinks it is well built and all the extras are great. People knocked me for driving a Jap car in the 70’s humm and we all know what happened with them.

  4. Kevin Sinnott

    My X200 was a year old new years eve 2014, it has been very good thus far.
    I like how it drives, it carries 4 mature surfers and 4 boards luggage etc wherever we have asked of it.
    On less crowded days I can sleep streached out full length with both front seats upright,has a huge amount of carry space.
    Only hassels thus far the AWD light sometimes comes on when in 2wd you need to switch off the ignition to reboot to get rid of it.
    I’ve found that if you allways start with the clutch depressed then it does not seem to get confused.
    It has a slight fault in the fabric of the drivers seat squab , They say it will be replaced at next service.
    All in all fabulous value for money. The knockers in the main have never been in one or have forked out nearly 4X the price for a recognised badge, I take the roast and keep my dollars for other things.

  5. Matt

    Well I’ve had my 2013 x200 auto diesel now for a week now and I can tell u now that it’s a awesome car yes people bag the Great Wall . But end of the day 95 % of owners love them and for good reasons . Recommend

  6. Colin

    My X240 2.4 litre petrol has now done 125,000klms in just over 4 years, no real problems with the car itself, occassional hiccups with the electronic 4WD selector, but apart from that it all works fine inside and out…but the original dealership left a bit to be desired with slack after sales attitudes ? It’s never missed a beat, travelled on numerous interstate hauls towing a 1200kg camper with quite a bit of that on very rough outback roads in dust and mud. Very capable in 4WD, and in low range it turns into a veritable tractor ascending some amazing inclines. Nicely appointed features, like good sound system with usb compatability, lovely and smooth on long trips on the highway and in general handles quite well. Cost of servicing is good and an easy car/motor to work on if need be. My mechanic has often commented on how well the main chassis is welded and states it is solidly built, and the car does give a solid feel compared to a lot of more expensive Japanese cars.

    The only real con would be power, it struggles with torque with a load uphills in 2WD, a 2.5 litre turbo diesel would be very nice. On the flat it’s is quite responsive making it OK for city driving, it was tight feeling for the first 30,000klms but now freed up nicely. Nothing at all had had to be replaced except timing belt which is standard, clutch and general running gear is still working perfectly, but I have caused the clutch to burn a few times when bogged in deep mud with my camper, otr steep hill starts with camper on tow…..but still perfectly operational. Resale value is expectably poor, but proportional to the initial cheap purchase price I think.

    After 125,00klms it uses no oil, never uses any fluids at all, no oil leaks, never fails to start, everything works same as the day I bought it….V good bang for buck for sure. If a more powerful model comes out within the next 2 or 3 years I will happily buy another.


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