Fiat 500 C (2013)


5 Pros

  1. Über chic. The Fiat 500 is pretty much the cheapest convertible you can buy (and $15k cheaper than the Mini cabrio)
  2. The Fiat also happens to be one of the most fuel efficient new vehicles you can buy
  3. Funky interior will please the funky
  4. Very easy to drive in town given the size and light controls
  5. 5 out of 5 star safety

5 Cons

  1. Poor rear visibility with the roof down (rear parking sensors are standard, not by accident)
  2. The hatch version looks better and it is not a true convertible, but at least people will not be able to see your bald spot
  3. Rear seat is cramped and the boot is pretty small
  4. Not as sharp in terms of handling as the Mini (in fact the handling is generally considered pretty bad, although the Arbath model is more fun)
  5. Some questionable ergonomics (such as lack of reach adjustment on the steering wheel) and the limited storage space

Concluding personality type: Sun Tan: Cheap way to look fashionable (but make sure you wear sunscreen…)

Fiat 500 C dash

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