Nissan Patrol (Y62 V8 Sixth generation)

Nissan Patrol body

5 Pros

  1. The Nissan Patrol V8 is a big vehicle with lots of interior space and 8 seats as standard (although it comes with only 7 seats in the more expensive versions) 
  2. Very good off road and ok on road with a quiet comfortable ride (although some have noted that this will compromise extreme off-road ability)
  3. Decent standard equipment with a reversing camera, power drivers seat, front and rear parking sensors and a DVD player
  4. Significant boot space, even with all seats in use
  5. Strong performance from the V8 engine

5 Cons

  1. No diesel engine available in the new body shape
  2. Very poor fuel efficiency
  3. Expensive. For the price of this 4WD you could get the significantly more desirable Land Rover Discovery 4, Mercedes-Benz M Class or even Porsche Cayenne (although it is pretty much the same price as the popular Toyota Landcruiser)
  4. No sports car around corners
  5. Huge turning circle and some annoying ergonomics (like a foot operated park brake and a gear lever that is too far away)

Concluding personality type: Hard work: Not for the new age…

Nissan Patrol dash

What's your view?

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