Toyota Aurion (XV50 2013)

Toyota Aurion body

5 Pros

  1. The Toyota Aurion is Australian made
  2. 5 out of 5 star safety and reversing camera standard across the range
  3. Fixed price servicing of only $130 for the first 5 services (over 4 years)
  4. Toyota build quality, a quiet cabin and nice features such as an electric drivers seat and auto headlights as standard
  5. Big boot

5 Cons

  1. Not sporty, although the V6 does a pretty decent job
  2. Mixed reports on the ride, with some sources noting it is poor on all but the cheapest model
  3. Outdated fuel efficiency
  4. Rear seat space is a bit tighter than you might expect in a large car
  5. The fact that these large cars are quickly becoming the most unfashionable item on the planet (everybody now wants compact SUV’s). At least the Skoda Superb adds some European flash

Concluding personality type: Baggy pants: Comfortable yes, but nobody wears them any more

Toyota Aurion interior

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