Audi Q7 (2013)

Audi Q7 red

5 Pros

  1. The Q7 is the only big 4WD from BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi that is built in Europe (the ML and the X5 are both built in the US)
  2. 7 seats as standard and acres of interior space (although the rear seats are best saved for the kids)
  3. Usual Audi quality interior (even though it is beginning to get a bit dated)
  4. Strong towing capacity
  5. Standard reversing camera, electric tailgate and 11 speaker sound system

5 Cons

  1. The model is getting old (it has been around since 2006) and is due to be replaced. There are many other new offerings that are better and cheaper (such as the new Mercedes ML, the Land Rover Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport)
  2. 4 out of 5 star safety (although it was tested long ago so this may have improved)
  3. The diesel engines are ok but generally the Audi is not a stand out in terms of fuel efficiency (the Mercedes-Benz ML or Volkswagen Touareg are better)
  4. About as easy to manoeuvre as a local council
  5. Sat Nav costs $7.5k extra and there is no full size spare

Concluding personality type: Laffy Taffy: Number one hit in 2006, but much has changed…

Audi Q7 dash

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