Mercedes-Benz ML (W166 Third generation)

Mercedes Benz ML

5 Pros

  1. Incredible engines that manage very good performance with class leading fuel efficiency (except for the ML63 AMG which is just plain bonkers)
  2. Huge interior with space for five adults and a massive boot
  3. Pretty cheap when you consider all the standard equipment such as a system that will park the car by itself and a reversing camera. Also the same engine in the 4 door Mercedes sedan will cost A$20k more
  4. Top notch safety with 9 airbags and a system that warns you when you are falling asleep
  5. The ability to you drive the same car as the pope

5 Cons

  1. No seven seat option (unlike the also excellent Land Rover Discovery 4)
  2. Built in the US… and you thought you were fancy
  3. Visibility is not perfect despite the high driving position
  4. It has apparently just been recalled because of a sticky throttle
  5. Some question marks around its ability around corners without the expensive airmatic suspension system

Concluding personality type: Lamington: A bit homely, but genuinely good

ML Class dash


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