Mitsubishi ASX (2013 facelift)

Mitsubishi ASX body

5 Pros

  1. 5 year warranty
  2. Decent sized boot and enough room in the back for 2 adults (although it is smaller than most other compact SUV’s)
  3. 5 out of 5 star safety
  4. Steering is much improved from the old models
  5. Looks pretty good

5 Cons

  1. No reversing camera or sensors as standard – sub-par
  2. Interior is pretty bland
  3. There are many European offerings (such as the Volkswagen Tiguan and Skoda Yeti) for almost the same price. And then of course there is the sales leading Mazda CX-5 or perhaps the near identical Peugeot 4008
  4. Slow, and the petrol engines are far from fuel efficient
  5. Frugal Diesel engine is only available in manual (at least for the moment)

Concluding personality type: Plain toast: It will get you through the day but it is hardly spectacular

Mitsubishi ASX interior

What's your view?

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