Lexus LX 570 (J200 Third generation)

Lexus LX 570 front

5 Pros

  1. The Lexus LX 570 is based on the Toyota Landcruiser, so it is one of the most capable off road vehicles out there
  2. The standard equipment is extensive and includes sat nav, a moonroof, 8 seats,  a 138L fuel tank , a 19 speaker sound system and front and rear parking cameras
  3. 4 year warranty
  4. The V8 engine is quite quick in a straight line
  5. Lexus build quality (both inside and out)

5 Cons

  1. Massively expensive – it is almost as expensive as the much more pimp Range Rover
  2. Horrible fuel efficiency and it only takes premium unleaded – it’s like having to feed a whale caviar
  3. Dynamics can be a bit truck like
  4. Luggage capacity and rear row of seats (which fold up and to the side rather than flat) are not as accommodating as you may like
  5. The very similar diesel Toyota Landcruiser is almost half the price

Concluding personality type: Record player: Better in some respects than modern alternatives, but generally they are expensive and outdated

Lexus LX 570 interior

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