BMW 6 Series Coupe (2013 F12)

BMW 6 Series Coupe exterior

Crazy beam house.. really?

5 Pros

  1. The BMW 6 Series combines speed with decent fuel efficiency.  The V8 engine in the 640i version has been described by some magazines as the “best in the world”
  2. Big boot for a sports car that can apparently hold 3 sets of golf clubs (just in case you were wondering what the target market was)
  3. Rear view camera, sat nav and heads up display are all standard in  a very classy cabin
  4. German built (unlike the BMW 3 series)
  5. Looks pretty good (and much better than the last version)

5 Cons

  1. Steering is a little numb and in general the 6 Series is not what you would call nimble. It is more cruiser than sharp sports car
  2. The two rear seats are really only suitable for kids
  3. Expensive. This car approaches Porsche and Aston Martin prices without the performance, looks or badge value
  4. No manual version available
  5. As with all BMW’s, the options are expensive (such as $14k for a premium sound system)

Concluding personality type: Cruise ship: Focus is on comfort and practicality before speed

BMW 6 Series interior


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