Mercedes-Benz SLK and SLK AMG 55

Benz SLK exterior

5 Pros

  1. Comfortable suspension makes the Merecedes Benz SLK much more livable day to day than the BMW Z4
  2. No longer looks like a girls car, so man up
  3. Quality cabin as you would always expect from Mercedes with heated seats standard across the range (critical in those colder open top motoring days)
  4. Pretty fuel efficient engines
  5. The V8 SLK 55 is very fast, very fuel efficient and very expensive

5 Cons

  1. Not really a hard core sports car – the Porsche Boxster is much better (although $20k more expensive)
  2. The boot has ok space with the roof up but it is very difficult to use with the roof down
  3. Gearbox is not quite as quick as some of the other dual clutch versions in the competitors
  4. Stability control has a reputation for being a little too intrusive
  5. Unless you are young or famous, people will assume you have had a touch of the male menopause (if you are female, people will just assume you are successful)

Concluding personality type: Bieber: Talented, but a bit soft

SLK dash

What's your view?

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