Subaru Forester (Fourth generation 2013)

Subaru Forester silver

5 Pros

  1. Class leading ground clearance and all wheel drive make the Subaru Forester one of the best off-road compact SUV’s
  2. Decent rear leg room and cabin space
  3. Much improved interior compared to the usual Subaru effort (although it still could be improved) and the availability of clever “Eyesight technology” which helps you avoid accidents
  4. Ok dynamics on road, but the general engine performance could be improved (the XT turbo model is better but still not that skilled around corners)
  5. Rear view camera standard across the range and 5 out of 5 star safety

5 Cons

  1. Limited availability of an automatic transmission will annoy many buyers
  2. No cut price 2 wheel drive version that we see on many other cars (such as the Volkswagen Tiguan and Skoda Yeti)
  3. Not as fuel efficient as the class leading Mazda CX-5 (although the diesel is close)
  4. Badge value better in similar priced European competitors
  5. Boot is a little smaller than you might hope

Concluding personality type: Country pub: Maybe not as swanky as some other offerings, but if you go bush you will probably have to at least look into one

Subaru Forester dash

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