Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe (W204 Facelift)

Mercedes Benz C-Class body

5 Pros

  1. The C-Class coupe provides 2 door German prestige at nearly $10k cheaper than offerings from Audi and BMW
  2. Usual C-Class quality inside and 7-speed auto standard across the range
  3. All the engines provide a good combination of performance and fuel efficiency. The entry model seems right given the cheap price, but they are all solid
  4. Very good around corners (and the optional sport package makes it even better and adds a sports exhaust)
  5. Pretty good luggage space

5 Cons

  1. Rear seats have poor headroom and there is only 2 of them
  2. New BMW 4 Series due soon will probably be much sharper
  3. Not the most comfortable driving position in the world
  4. Foot operated hand brake remains antiquated
  5. Options (and there are many) are expensive

Concluding personality type: BYO restaurant: An affordable luxury

Mercedes Benz C-Class interior


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