Honda Odyssey (Fourth generation)

Honda Odyssey exterior

5 Pros

  1. The Honda Odyssey is a seven seat people mover that does not look like a van, quite an achievement in this class
  2. Pretty tight turning circle and a smooth ride make it easy to live with (at least compared to your kids anyway…)
  3. Reversing camera and sat nav are standard
  4. Almost car like to drive
  5. Honda reliability

5 Cons

  1. Only 4 out of 5 star safety which is a shame given this car will be used to ferry around large families
  2. Fuel efficiency is outdated and the 4 cylinder engine can feel underpowered under full load
  3. The rear 2 seats are not really for adults and when they are in use they eat into the majority of the boot space
  4. The luxury model is not worth the extra $6k
  5. You are probably not far from a mid-life crisis

Concluding personality type: Bike ride: Family friendly, but probably not as safe as it should be

Honda Odyssey dash


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