BMW 7 Series (F01 2013 Facelift)

BMW 7 Series exterior

5 Pros

  1. The BMW 7 Series’ engines are a masterpiece. They all combine amazing performance with incredible fuel efficiency. At its best, the BMW can be more fuel efficient than the smallest Toyota or as fast as a 911 Carrera S
  2.  The interiors are as well made as you would expect and includes as standard a rear view camera, Sat Nav and a 12 speaker stereo
  3. Some fancy electronics are available like night vision and an auto park function (but at over A$200k, it is a shame you need to pay extra for these)
  4. It looks like a proper big car, unlike the Audi A8, which looks a little bit too much like the cheaper and smaller Audi A6
  5. No Porsche Panamera, but the 7 is pretty good around the bends

5 Cons

  1. Rear head room is a bit tight – inexcusable in such large vehicle
  2. It looks a bit too much like a limo. Most people are now buying slightly sportier four doors like the BMW 6 Grand Coupe
  3. Horrendous resale values – you would want to be rich
  4. Not all the safety systems are standard across the range (such as lane departure warning)
  5. The boot is actually pretty small and you can’t fold down the rear seats

Concluding personality type: Russell Crowe: So much to love but so much to hate at the same time (go russ)

BMW 7 series interior


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