Jeep Wrangler (JK 2013)

Jeep Wrangler exterior

5 Pros

  1. The Jeep Wrangler presents your chance to own a motoring icon
  2. Not that expensive for a true hardcore 4WD when compared with the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G Class
  3. Diesel engine is quite fuel efficient and the new V6 engine finally gives the Wrangler the power to match its looks
  4. 50 / 50 gender split in buyers – this car appeals to all
  5. Pretty decent interior space and it appeared in Jurassic Park

5 Cons

  1. Pretty bad when the going gets fast
  2. No foot rest…
  3. No safety rating yet, but I expect it would not do well with only 2 standard airbags and no reversing camera
  4. The general ergonomics of the cabin are not fantastic but the quality is better than it used to be
  5. Boot space in the 2 door version is tight

Concluding personality type: Army boot: Built for a purpose but occasionally hijacked by fashonistas

Jeep Wrangler windscreen down

Jeep bares all…

One comment

  1. Greg Hall

    Mine is a 12/2012 Wrangler Unlimited CRD 5 speed auto. Its fantastic to drive on the freeway, my wife and i swap over each week, either drive the 320d BMW or the Wrangler. We both prefer the Jeep. I use the freeway for work and she does the commute into the city (Brisbane). Average fuel usage is 10.8. As i said its a very comfortable vehicle to drive. We fitted front and rear cameras, Pioneer radio with GPS, tow pack and roof rack, but otherwise standard. Love it.

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