Toyota Prado (Fourth generation)

Toyota Prado exterior

hmmmm…. I wonder if this will make it to youtube

5 Pros

  1. The Prado has genuine off road ability. The Toyota Landcruiser series of cars have been one of the market leaders in this respect for many years
  2. The 5 door version has great interior space, the option for 7 seats and a massive boot
  3. The 3 door model is now unique in this segment (although the 3-door Suzuki Grand Vitara can go off-road)
  4. 5 out of 5 star safety
  5. Diesel engines are fuel efficient (although don’t expect to win the Nobel Peace Prize any-time soon)

5 Cons

  1. Reputation for a hobbly ride
  2. No rear view camera as standard across the range (disappointing given this vehicles enormous size)
  3. Not easy to drive in town if you are not used to it
  4. Very expensive. It is the same price as the very good Land Rover Discovery which is just so much more celebrity
  5. Petrol version is very inefficient

Concluding personality type: Home Alone: Family classic with almost no sex appeal

Toyota Prado dash


    • Interesting, I did not know that was an issue.

      At any point, these cameras are becoming standard on the cheapest SUV’s so there is no reason for them not to be standard on expensive models such as the Prado

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