Audi Q5 (2013 update Typ 8R)

Audi Q5 update

Good thing we have a 4WD…

5 Pros

  1. The Q5 has Audi prestige (and is actually built in Germany unlike the Audi A1)
  2. Extremely safe with eight airbags
  3. Huge boot and decent rear seat room
  4. High quality interior
  5. Good dynamics, generally fuel efficient fast engines and some decent standard equipment (such as a ten speaker stereo)

5 Cons

  1. Rear view camera is not standard and this is why you need it
  2. Can be a bit difficult to get a good driving position
  3. Not as good offroad as some 4WDs (but it will manage the school pickup just fine)
  4. The styling is a little bland
  5. Top selling car in this segment, so not nearly as unique as the also excellent Range Rover Evoque

Concluding personality type:  Private School: Status comes with a price (read it’s expensive)

Audi Q5 exterior


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