Best fast and fuel efficient cars

Silver BMW 5 Series

535d – our favourite

We at love all rounders, so I thought I would put in our top 5 fuel efficient fast cars.

Figures are based on Australian spec versions. Acceleration figures are 0-100km/h which is pretty much 0-60mph. The fuel consumption figures are L/100km but I have done a rough mpg calc.

I have focused on straight line speed in new cars, although most of these cars are pretty good around corners. Finally we are not suggesting you could achieve speed and efficiency at the same time, but at least you can choose

  1. BMW 535d: 5.5 sec and 6.1L/100km (39mpg). This one is probably our current favourite all round fast q car.
  2. Infiniti M Hybrid: 5.5 sec and 6.9L/100km (34mpg). Worlds fastest hybrid (although it has almost no boot as a result…)
  3. Caterham Seven Roadsport SC 120: 6.0 seconds and 6.2L/100km (38mpg). It does not get much rawer than this
  4. Audi A8 3.0 TDI: 6.1 seconds and 6.6L/100km (36mpg). This one gets the vote because of the sheer size of the vehicle
  5. Tesla S: Up to 4.4 Seconds and it is all electric.

What's your view?

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