Renault Latitude

Renault Latitude silver

5 Pros

  1. Nothing oddball. That may sound strange as the first pro, but the Renault Latitude is large and French – and they love oddball
  2. 5 year warranty, so who cares about reliability
  3. Very decent equipment levels including parking sensors, hands free entry (no need for a key) and electric seats
  4. The diesel engine is frugal
  5. Unlikely the neighbours will have one (Renault only sold less than 250 in 2011 in Australia, while Toyota sold almost 20,000 Camry’s)

5 Cons

  1. Built in Korea and in some places it is branded as a Samsung (yes, I didn’t know they made cars either)
  2. The boot and rear seat space could be bigger
  3. Interior is a little bland
  4. Handling is poor
  5. Big Renault’s tend to have very poor resale values

Concluding personality type:  $10 perfume: Nobody is buying it

Renault Latitude dash

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