Most significant new cars for 2012

Mazda MX-5Mazda MX-5, a legend and probably the most significant car of 1989

As enters into 2013, I thought it would be a good time go through our 5 most significant cars for 2012

The list is based around significance as opposed to all round excellence (hence for the inclusion of the Toyota Corolla), but most of the cars here are terrific vehicles as well.

  1. Tesla Model S: An obvious choice in many respects – this one looks like a game changer for the car industry. It is fast, beautifully designed, and good to drive but most importantly it is all electric. I truly hope this car succeeds (but of course I continue to worry about reliability…)
  2. Toyota Corolla: All new model of the highest selling car of all time. Not exciting, but very important. It looks like this car will continue the enormous sales success of the previous versions – but it would probably still not be my choice in the segment
  3. Boxster S (with the sports exhaust): For me, the best value all round sports car got even better this year. Beautifully made, no other car has brand appeal like this one for the price.
  4. BRZ, FR-S, 86: These cars brought back cheap fun – it is the MX-5/Miata for the new age.
  5. Volvo V40. This is my oddball – but it was crowned the safest new car ever tested. As many readers know, we value safety just as much as speed and full marks to Volvo for continuing to be market leading in this area

What were yours for 2012?

What's your view?

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