Chrysler 300, 300C and SRT8 (Second generation)

Chrysler 300 black

5 Pros

  1. The Chrysler 300 looks mean. People will leave you alone
  2. The SRT8 is fast and loaded with equipment
  3. Most of the versions have very good equipment levels including power seats, auto headlights and 3 cigarette lighters
  4. Very comfortable interior that looks reasonably luxurious
  5. 5 star NCAP safety

5 Cons

  1. Bad fuel efficiency – this is not a car for hippies (although the diesel is ok)
  2. Rear head room can be a bit tight and the middle seat is really only suitable for a child
  3. Old 5 speed gearbox gets a bad rap for being slow
  4. Dr Dre making us all feel bad about ourselves in the commercial
  5. Handling is much better than the old version, but the big Ford and Holden cars are better

Concluding personality type: Bouncer: Big, imposing and hated by small people Chrysler 300 racetrack

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