Bentley Continental GT (Second generation)

Bentley Continental GT exterior

Well if I had a giant fan I would probably park my car in front of it as well

5 Pros

  1. The Bentley Continental’s interior. Beautiful, handmade and 80% leather
  2. Faster than its more expensive brother the Bentley Mulsanne (and the GT Speed version is the fastest Bentley ever built)
  3. Bentley badge. Congratulations, you’ve made it
  4. The new V8 engine is 40% more fuel efficient than the 12 cylinder option and pretty much just as quick. This is the Bentley for the new age
  5. The looks, although it is leans towards elegant rather than flashy

5 Cons

  1. More Audi than Bentley (they both have the same owner). This is not necessarily a bad thing although it does show up in some places like the cheapish gear lever guide
  2. Massively heavy, so don’t expect it to be nimble
  3. The W12 engine has the fossil fuel appetite of a dinosaur
  4. Rear headroom is tight
  5. For the same price as the W12 version, you could buy both a quicker (and more efficient) 4 door Porsche and a faster (more efficient) 2 door Porsche

Concluding personality type: US version of the office: At first you don’t think it is as good as the original UK version – and then it grows on you

Bentley continental GT seats

When you own a Bentley, pretty much everybody wants to bow to you

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